Heavy Equipment Courses

Heavy Equipment Program Details

Heavy Equipment Programs Include:
• Classroom training • Hands-on equipment training • Lab/Field work

Program Pre-Requisites:

Applicants Must:
- Be minimum 18 years old
- Provide proof of a minimum of Grade 10 Education at the time of registration. Copies of School transcripts,
OSSD or GED diplomas are required for our records. Education Equivalency Testing is available to be done
at our office if you do not meet the education requirements or do not have proof of required level of
education. This must be done prior to registration.

- Have the following safety equipment at the start of the program. We do not sell these items.

G Green Triangle Patch Safety Boots G Eye Protection G Ear Protection (muff style is best)

G Class E Hard Hat (any colour but white) G Tear Away Safety Vest (velcro at sides)

G (Optional) Insulated Coveralls are recommended if training in the fall/winter & Rain suit for spring/fall

Note: Safety (blaze orange) clothing with reflective tape markings is acceptable as long as it is on an outer
Having a driver’s licence is NOT a requirement to operate or take a Heavy Equipment Training Program,
however, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation to off-campus training sites (if
required). Most companies do require their operators to have a driver’s licence, as they may have to
drive the equipment on a public road in the course of transporting it to a job site.
Payment of Course: Tuition is due at the time of registration. Tuition Fees are Income Tax deductible.
Applicants must register at our office prior to the course start date. Acceptable forms of payment are
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Certified Cheque, Money Order or BankDraft.
If you are being financed through this course, you must provide written confirmation from your sponsor or
a signed MTCU contract at the time of registration.

Certification: Diplomas and wallet cards will be issued to applicants upon successful completion

NOTE: If you are combining a Heavy Equipment Course with a Truck Training Course, additional
classrooms and in-truck training will be added. There will also be additional pre-requisite costs.
Please refer to our truck course information package for more information.

Price: C$0.00

Date: November 17, 2014

OTDS London
427 Exeter Road
London, Ontario
N6E 2Z3
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Available Spaces: Unlimited